Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mount Shasta with a side of beard.

Humboldt county, this is how we do!!!!!

Whipping out our trusty tent. I think those are redwoods..

Our first night, and Cali's already f-ing with us!!

Mid-bite, with a mouthful of haddock, I turned in my chair and there he was!!! RANDY COUTURE the legendary UFC fighter. Best celeb spotting ever.

CoutureIMG_0415 Busily inhaling her crab cakes, Michelle didn't notice the 3 time world champion.

Monday, July 27, 2009

All Hail! Old Man Zulauf!!

I promised Michelle you'd behave yourself on your 60th birthday. Please don't disappoint ;) Looking forward to kicking back a couple in a few weeks.

happy birthday dad!

We are sitting at a bar in Moab listening to phish and drinking a local blueberry brew - having a toast to your 60 glorious years !!.. Now heading to see the arches. Love you! Hope you are having a fantastic day. Xxx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Joy Street, Portland


Portland Street Art




Nick felt lost when got to the Mike Perry show and the gallery was closed.


We can do it!.. with a Pabst.


He is Risen!.. in Portland


Jack Hannah & The von Trapp Family Singers, Glacier Park

While in Glacier park we met a women at the bar who told us that she met the von Trapp family along with Jack Hannah (the animal expert from The David Letterman Show). The vid above is what she took of the kids singing. So random..

Monday, July 20, 2009

missing this guy..

DSC02280NO Jen! You may NOT keep him! 2wks and counting..
(Oscar with his brooklyn gf Biancs)

Home of The Decembrists

DSC03943David, this is the record shop that we wanted to purchase your birthday prez at. Sadly, we never made it within' the OPEN hours. DSC03944

Cellar Bar, Portland

We heard the most horrific ghost stories from the bartender in this joint. If you thought that was the highlight you were WRONG.. the highlight of this peach of a find was the flights of whiskey they offer.

Ace Hotel, Portland

DSC03965DSC03923DSC03957We were only lucky enough to have a one night stay, but we loved it just the same. The concept of each of the Ace Hotels is to style the rooms in a way to give a nod to the the stylings of the locals apartments.There were so many great shot opportunities within' the hotel that there should be about 30 up in here, but I held myself back.. for once. (so we could hit up the whiskey flights!)

Nick's new Rudy do

DSC03870I <3 TO FART.DSC03856$10 Buzz cuts + $21 for a style.. get ready NYC Rudys ain't just for the Seattle locals anymore.. lucky us.DSC03865DSC03872Hottie, hot, HOT.